big dreams, big changes


Woah 2016, why the rush?! This year is FLYING by and I feel like this blog post has been months in the making! If you haven't heard, I have decided to change my business name. Why? Because I want to and I can do that! No, but seriously, this change has been something that I have thought about for a long time.

When I started Mokse Design, I never anticipated that I would change my name 2.5 years later but I have learned a lot in this short time of being a small business owner. (And I mean A LOT). If you never understood my original business name, you are probably not alone, ha! To be honest, I am tired of explaining and spelling Mokse to everyone. My business name is something that I want to feel proud of and love. I want it to be an honest representation of myself and my work because my little business means the world to me. It's also an added bonus that everyone will be able to spell my new name correctly AND easily find me online! I cannot even tell you how many times Mokse Design was misspelled. But you live and you learn y'all... I am SO excited about this change! The new name is.... Peach Paper & Design!

Cute, right? This is, without a doubt, the right direction for my brand and it just feels like me! I am so pumped to move forward and get back to the real important stuff, like working with my beautiful couples and designing dreamy wedding stationery!

I will be gradually changing my name on all social media platforms and eventually my website. So get comfortable seeing Peach Paper & Design. It's here for the long haul!

Cheers to change!


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