Envelope Addressing Tips

1. First things first, double check each guest to make sure the name is spelled correctly and the address is correct. Since spell check doesn't recognize names, you will have to carefully proofread.
2. All names should include proper titles. (Mr./Mrs./Doctor)
3. Nothing should be abbreviated.
St. = Street
Dr. = Drive
Ln. = Lane
Apt. = Apartment
TX = Texas

4. If a child (over the age of 18) is still living at home with parents, they should receive their own individually addressed invitation.
5. Any unmarried woman over the age of 18 should be addressed as "Ms.". "Miss" is used for young girls under 18.

Examples & Situtations

Single Woman
Ms. Sarah Lewis
Single Woman & Date
Ms. Amanda Jones and Guest
Single Man
Mr. Travis Waring
Single Man & Date
Mr. Jonathan Stephens and Guest
Unmarried Couple Living Together
Ms. Alicia James and Mr. Ray Wade
Married Couple
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davis
Married Couple with Children (under 18)
Mr. and Mrs. David Gill
Violet and Leah
Married Couple (Wife kept Maiden Name)
Ms. Marie Goodman and Mr. Ryan Gray
Married Couple (Wife has hyphenated Name)
Mr. Darren Troy and Mrs. Olivia Jameson-Troy
Married Couple (Wife is a Doctor)
Doctor Christina Warner and Mr. William Warner
Married Couple (Husband is a Doctor)
Doctor and Mrs. Ray Smith
Married Couple (Both Doctors)
Doctor Michael Hudson and Doctor Lauren Hudson
Mrs. Jane Downs

Envelope Stuffing Tips

1. Always include postage for your guests on the response envelope (or postcard).

2. Before purchasing postage, always take a full invitation suite to the post office and have it weighed. Caution: DO NOT skip this step! It’s very important! If your invitations don’t have enough postage, they will all get returned and you will have to purchase (and address) new envelopes. (I've seen this happen first hand and it's a PAIN!) 
Envelope stuffing order:
(From top to bottom)
Response Card
Response Envelope
Reception Card
Information Card
*If some of these pieces do not apply to you, just skip.
The order remains the same.