Fun Ways To Include Your Dog In Your Wedding!

With Austin being one of the friendliest dog cities in the U.S., it’s no surprise that I’ve seen my fair share of pups take part in numerous weddings!  

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A couple of things to consider before adding your sweet pup to your wedding day: Do they do well in crowds? Are they old enough to behave accordingly? Will an event stress them out more than be fun? Would it be better to include them in photos/accents throughout the weddings vs having them physically there? 

Below are fun and unique ways to tie your pups into your big day: 

Save The Dates 

Taking photos alongside your pup beforehand is a sweet and subtle way to include them into the wedding process. Save The Dates are the first impressions of your big day that your guests will see. Having your pup front and center will always be a great memory that you and your guests can keep. 

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Pre-Ceremony Photos

Not all pups are well behaved or thrive in public - that’s okay! If you’d like for them to attend in some fashion and be a part of the wedding day, add them into your formal photos! An attendant (family, friend, acquaintance) can bring them to the venue for a few moments for photos and then be taken back home. 

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If your pup is well behaved and trained, then why not include them?! A couple of tips: have a close friend or family member walk them down the aisle that they are comfortable with. Also, having snacks and a quiet toy on hand helps tremendously to make sure they are behaved during the ceremony. If they are a hyper, anxious, or tend to cause a scene - having an alternative plan can really help. Allow the person walking with them to have an assigned aisle or back seat just in case they need to slip out due to any distractions. 

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Another fun way is to name specialty cocktails after your pet! They’ll be the perfect personalized addition to your bar decor. 

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An inexpensive way to tie them into the day is creating small additions to favors or details. Creating stickers for favor bags, napkins, or displaying photos of them around the event is a fun and unique tribute to your furry friends. 

Pup Send Off 

Most couples plan an elaborate send-off as they ride off into the night as husband and wife, but why not have a send off for your pup before they head back home?! This is one of the most original and cutest ideas we've seen so far; look how happy this pup is! 

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