The Best Of: 2021 Wedding Trends

It is without a shadow of a doubt that 2021 weddings are going to be trending by not only colors, design, details, but COVID-19. While that may seem like a dark shadow on the day, we've rounded up some of what we are considering to be the best of 2021 wedding trends to truly make your wedding memorable.

 Relaxed Vibes

Something you will undoubtedly see in the year 2021 is a more relaxed vibe all around. Specifically in the decor, linens and decorations won't be as structured and symmetrical, things are shaping up to be a little more boho and relaxed which we love! 

 Mismatched Decor & Attire

Along the same lines of a more relaxed vibe overall, you'll be seeing a lot more mismatched decor and wedding party attire. Similar color schemes but not as matchy as weddings once were! 

Colored Suits

What better way for a groom and his best guys to express themselves and their fun personalities than with colored suits! We love this trend because it truly fits with the relaxed vibe we are going to see for 2021 but it adds a fun color scheme to the wedding that is easily incorporated and really beautiful to photograph!

Single Tier & Mini Cakes

We do love a beautifully tall and elegant wedding cake but what seems to be the biggest presence for 2021 is the single tier and mini cakes. The single tier is for the bride and groom to cut and share with their wedding party, while the mini cakes are for the guests! Gone are the days of cupcakes, mini cakes are having their moment!

 Fully Outdoor Weddings 

Due to the nature of the world we are living in now, having a full outdoor wedding will sure make it's impact on the couples of 2021! We are seeing a lot of couples opting to keep everything outdoors to eliminate the fear of COVID-19. We love this trend because it allows for beautiful twinkly light details, and fun touches of tents, canopies, or linens that flow in the wind! 

 We certainly love all the new and fun trendy details that the 2021 weddings are going to have. Just remember, whatever you do make your details beautifully bold and true to you! And when all else fails, keep it peachy! 

Photo Credits: Featured Photo | Rebecca Renner Photography | Relaxed Vibes: Moss Hound Designs | Mismatched Attire: Chi the Wed | Colored Suits:  Jessica  Scott Photography | Single Tier & Mini Cakes: Hannah Pickle Photography | Fully Outdoor: Rock My Wedding |

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