wedding invitations: style round up

I get asked frequently if I can create {insert any style here} invitations. The answer is always YES- to every style! With a background in graphic design, I have the ability to create (and appreciate) all of the different design styles. I love unique requests, stepping outside of my comfort zone and designing for all styles of weddings. Doing so allows me to grow as a designer and keeps my work fresh.

I don't tend to post the vast array of my wedding invitation portfolio online, but don't get me wrong- when couples meet with me, they get the whole shebang. They see all of the traditional, rustic, modern, simple, elaborate, wedding invitation samples. I tend to only show work that is most cohesive with my brand online.

So in an effort to switch it up and show off more styles, I have rounded up a few of my favorite designs in each style category.

Traditional & Classic Wedding Invitations

Modern Wedding Invitations

Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Rustic Wedding Invitations

Graphic Wedding Invitations


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